Molly’s Game – Review

It's been a while. I know and I could update you on the on goings on my life, but the truth is the thing that compelled me to begin writing on here again, is the fact that I've just watched Molly's Game. Oh goodness, that film just cemented my love for Jessica Chastain. She is [...]


Crashed Like Lightning – Adjustment Period.

So i've tried to type this blog out maybe, six times in the past three days and I'm sick of re-writing it. I even contemplated making a separate blog just because this didn't seem to "fit" but decided that's just me trying to avoid everything and decided to put it up anyway ha! I should [...]

Review – Bare Minerals BarePro – Crashed Like Lightning

It's Bank Holiday weekend here in England, so naturally I found myself among the shops on Saturday afternoon and I couldn't help myself when I saw the new Bare Minerals BarePro liquid foundation. I had heard so many good things about this foundation prior to this I knew I just had to try it. On [...]

Original Writing – Luca + Jade – Valerie May Barton

I sat down at the table and began picking at food. I wasn’t much hungry, at least not for the substitute of food they give us. I watched everyone interacting, boys and girls, girls and boys. You’d never know that half of these people were taken without even a choice but still absent smiles were [...]

Review – Harry Potter Make up Brushes – CrashedLikeLightning

I was very lucky the other day, when I came home to a parcel waiting for me on my make up table (my husband had treated me to some as a pick me up), so as I was trying them out for the first time I thought I'd give you a little review... The first [...]

Original Writing – Is it really that Simple – Valerie May Barton

Let me know if you like this and I can write the background behind it or the aftermath it.Always happy to have some feedback.  She stood there looking at me as though I was crazy. I probably was crazy but at this point it didn’t matter. I couldn’t help myself. Every thought, every emotion and [...]