Oh no, I think I’ve fallen in love with Max Irons again…Sorry Mr B.


Normally, I struggle to find good TV series these days. Especially on the weekend. I usually don’t watch things as they’re on TV,  I normally end up watching them the next day on my laptop or whilst I’m in the office (on my lunch break of course!) but I’m a sucker for a good drama. Even worse, I love a good Sunday night historical fiction.

A few years ago I was obsessed with BBC‘s The White Queen, this year I enjoyed Victoria but imagine my squeal of happiness with ITV spoilt me with not only a historical fiction about Tutankhamen but it also has Max Irons in it! I hadn’t heard too much about it, only that it was going to follow the story of Howard Carter and not The Boy King himself. Something I thought was a brilliant idea because although it’s a story many of us know, it’s not one that has played out on TV millions of times. At least, not as much as King Tut’s story has right?

Now you can call me biased because I was already going to be watching just to see Max Iron’s face on my TV again (we’ll forgive that mustache…for now) but I loved it. I thought the script of it was brilliant, sure the pacing seemed slow in places but it’s the first episode, you expect that. At least I do. What I loved about it was that it treated it’s audience as smart. FINALLY! A show that doesn’t throw historical facts as you because it doesn’t expect us mere mortals to be educated in the same way as the writers. Yes, it has to give us basic facts of the reign of pharaohs but it doesn’t bore us with dates and shine gold in our faces like magpies. It treats the audience as though we’re with them from the start. And we are. We’re only one episode in and I want to know how the dynamic of having so many characters is going to work. They have a few main characters but with a few extra minor character it makes you feel that you’re right there with them on the dig site seeing so many people day in and day out. It doesn’t feel too much and when it does, I think it’s because they want us to feel like that. It’s perfect for a Sunday night when you want to forget that it’s Monday morning the next day and you won’t have time to snuggle with your duvet for as long as you want.

The show replaced last year’s Downton Abbey which surprisingly I didn’t love (please don’t kill me) but a lot of people did. It’s holding its own, especially to come straight after crowd pleaser Victoria which has already been commissioned for a second series!

I think it’ll be interesting to watch it grow. I want to obviously see more of Iron’s and of course the brilliant Sam Neil but I have a feeling that this four-part drama is either going to be amazing or it’s going to be too cliche. I understand that sometimes for TV, especially in 2016, they sometimes have to dramatise it with relationships that perhaps wasn’t there but I don’t want it to be about that. I want it to be about the adventure, the mystery and of course Howard Carter’s determination and passion for finding The Boy King.

I know one thing, I’ll be watching next Sunday at 9pm!


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