That Time J K Rowling went too far…


It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter ever since I read it as a little girl and started to believe that everyday could be magical (something that I still try to live by) but today rumours began circulating that Johnny Depp is going to be part of the Harry Potter world. I don’t know how I feel about this.

I’m excited for the new films, I await the films with open arms (if not bitten nails from the anxiety it’s causing me) as I want to see how the world expands. However, I still can’t quite get as excited as I did with the original 7 books and the 8 movies that followed. I literally grew up with Harry Potter and although it was a very sad day for me when I went into the Cinema to watch the final movie being played and sobbed my heart out, it was a magical day that I’ll probably treasure. The news of five movies didn’t excite me, actually it horrified me. How could a book of just 160 pages be turned into 5 movies? A franchise? I thought three was pushing it. I have hope that J K Rowling (the mastermind, the genius, the overall badass) knows what she’s doing and that the story behind it is worth telling and worth five movies! Right now we know that It’s sort of connected to the Deathly Hallows with the great wizard war being explored, I’m not sure how or why It’s going to be 5 movies but I’ll stick with it.

The thing that has bugged me the most is that Johnny Depp is going to be in it. ¬†Historically, Harry Potter is very British and will always be very British. I know we’re now exploring the global wizarding world in New York and the second one is taking us to Paris my problem is with Depp being cast in this huge franchise. I loved Johnny Depp. I was obsessed with him in school! Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, The Tourist, Secret Window, Edward Scissor hands, Crybaby just to name a few of my favourites but with the allegations of domestic violence and verbal abuse brought to light (again) this past year should this be something to be highlighted to the younger generation? Alright, yes he denied them and I honestly don’t think we will ever know what truly happened but right now it’s pretty fresh and if anything it’s showing that no matter what the rich and the famous will bounce back and find away. Little boys may grow up to think that it’s okay to do. Even if Johnny Depp didn’t do it the media still covered the story like it happened. So they’re bound to cover the story that Johnny Depp is cast in a huge and successful franchise just months after this with no doubt millions of dollars to his name for it. I just don’t think it’s an example to teach.

I’m probably wrong and I do believe that Johnny is super talented. The other side to this is, if he didn’t do it why should he be punished and act like he did. It’s a debate I don’t feel should be attached to the world of Harry Potter, a world that is so innocent and pure to some people it could only tarnish it.

J.K I know you’re super smart and talented but you’re starting to make me a little uneasy about this entire thing….


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