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So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll be aware that Netflix has a new series out; The Crown. I also think I’ve mentioned, just once or twice, that I love a historical fiction so when it was announced that a series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh was being released I was all over it! Not only did I have to wait until November but I also had to contain myself with the pictures of Claire Foy who played Queenie and Matt Smith (Prince Phillip) were released to the press earlier in the year!

Well, it’s finally November and as you can imagine I watched all ten episodes in one day. Yup, I have no will power. From my first watch of the series (because let’s be real, I’m going to be watching this over and over until they give me a series two) all I can say is that i’m annoyed. I’m annoyed at how addictive it is, I’m annoyed that Peter Morgan somehow manages to get inside the head of a royal so easily, I’m annoyed at how Phillip can’t see how hard it is to be Queen and how poor old Queenie just wants a normal life with a husband but most of all I’m annoyed that I now have to wait a whole freaking year for the rest of the story! I’m NOT okay with that.


The history nerd in me is annoyed at some of the inaccuracies with history but  I was so surprised that they didn’t shy away from making the royals human. Something which isn’t seen very much anymore, sure we make the royals of days gone by human i.e Henry Tudor and Queen Elizabeth I but to make living monarch seem more human and depict them in a way which the media does not was a challenge and he did it perfectly. Not only did we see the character torn between men and struggle to make her own voice and decisions heard but we watched her sort of come into her own (even if it did take until the last episode).  There were a few episodes which seemed like fillers but overall I was surprised at how much I liked it and annoyed that although I didn’t love it, I can see myself waiting for any news about the next series purely because of how the last episode ended!

I won’t spoil it but the last few episodes I seem to have wanted to just get to the end, but because life doesn’t have happy ending and this is the first of six series, I was left without a resolution without the happy ending we all know they get. The audience was left feeling exactly how Elizabeth felt as the credits began to roll. Your stomach in knots and frustrated at everyone around her.

Overall, the series is brilliant and it makes the most annoying arrogant people seem so charismatic that you began to like them (Duke of Windsor,  i’m looking at you!). Peter Morgan my hat goes too you, you managed to turn someone who was arrogantly weary about this entire series fall annoyingly in love with it and I frustratedly wait for the next one. You really do begin to feel for and fall in love with the royals even more that you already did.

Your move Morgan, your move.


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