That time I avoided cleaning and put make up on instead.


I love Make up. I haven’t always but I do now. Actually, I only really got into it when I was 18, I skipped the whole orange-for-school stage thank god but for some reason playing with make up makes me really happy. There is nothing like feeling all put together with your face on and just enjoying taking your time when you’re not in a rush to get somewhere. I try not to wear it for work because sometimes I just can’t drag my butt out of bed to do it. Still, It’s my one of my good friends birthday next week and I figured why not have a play with some of my favourite products and show you at the same time!

I created this look using the following products:

I’m not a make up artist and I probably do everything wrong but nevertheless here is how I did it.

1. Moisturise your skin.

2. I usually use a primer but today I didn’t so I went straight in with the Nars Sheer Glow to get an even coverage and dewy look. I didn’t forget to do my neck.

3. I used the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon to create a base on my eye lid covering the whole lid and blending it up to my brow bone (don’t worry if it looks like you got punched in the face, I did too).

4. I then took Enhance from The Dolce Vita palette and placed it on top of the base colour to give it more of a red tone.

5. Blend. Blend. Blend.

6. With my finger, I gently pushed the colour Pop from the same palette to give it more of a glitz effect.

7. I took more of Enhance under my eyes to create the smoked look.

8. Using Urban Decay Goldmine in my waterline really helped give my eyes more of an open look rather than narrow effect.

9. I took a standard black eyeliner in my tightline.

10. I then curled my lashes and used the Kiko Mascara to give it the false lash affect.

11. I used the Urban Decay concealer to get rid of any fall down and clean up.

12. I placed the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick on my cheek bones to really catch the light.

13. Using the Bobbi Brown blush duo colour French Pink, LIGHTLY dusted some just under the highlighter.

14. I put the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Ravenswood on to really finish the look off. You can use any lip colour you want here.

15. Finally, I dusted some Mac Mineralized press powder to set everything in place.

I think this would look really good if you’re going out with the girls or even a date. I’ll let you know how it looks with the outfit next week!

Let me know your thoughts. 🙂



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