Gilmore Girls, I missed you.


I’ve just finished the last episode of the Gilmore Girls revival and I’m crying. Still as I write this. The Gilmore Girls revival  made be cry (and by cry I mean sob) but it also made me laugh hysterically. I think it gave 2016 the hug it needed and injected that little bit of nostalgia we didn’t know we needed back in our lives.

There will *probably* be spoilers below so ya know…be warned. 

For anyone who watched this show growing up it was like being welcomed home. The people in the small New England town hadn’t changed too much and it almost seemed like the people who we grew to love kept on living – even if we weren’t there to witness it. It was great to see the familiar faces even of the ones we didn’t necessarily like (April, I’m looking at you).

Okay great, now that I’ve said my overall opinion which is that I loved it. I’m going to need to vent a few things. So first, can we just discuss the four last words?! This is your last warning if you don’t want things spoiled really I suggest you leave (and come back later)



Rory: Mom
Lorelai: Yeah?
Rory: I’m pregnant.

THEN IT CUTS TO CREDITS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! As much as I don’t really want the baby to be fuckboy Logan’s, I think we all know it is. She can’t have continued the affair for all that time without it getting a little bit complicated. Even if she did end the affair in the last episode. I think it was very VERY clever on Amy Sherman-Palladino part to place them words there. It gives them a way of continuing this story if they wanted to but it also brings it full circle. Okay, I know that Rory isn’t 16 and she doesn’t feel like if she opens up to the family it will bring shame on the house of Gilmore but I think it was a very VERY clever way to make it current, relatable and again make us feel a little nostalgic about how this beautifully written TV show started.  Okay we good? We’ve discussed it. Right on to the next thing.


LUKE AND LORELAI GOT MARRIED. FINALLY. IT HAPPENED. We may have had to wait until the final half of the “Fall” episode but they did it and boy did they do it in their own damn way. Despite having planned it for the next day they had the great idea of eloping a mere 10 hours before getting married. It was amazing, it was perfect. It was them. My heart hurts with happiness for them.



Emily Gilmore, a character that although we grew to love still slightly annoyed me at times in the original. She was very needed but my teenage self didn’t see that. It was interesting to see this mother-daughter relationship from a different perspective now that the audience is older. Not only that it was nice to see nothing has changed between them whilst they work out how to be mother and daughter without father and husband. it was perfect. It was also great to see Emily find herself without Richard. They were married 50 years, which was a whole different world. Society was different and it was great to see Emily change. It was also great to see her find who Emily is without Richard. So having her move to start her own life is kind of full circle. It mirrors when Lorelai did that so many years ago to find herself.



I think focusing on the three generations of Gilmore girls whilst they deal with the loss of Richard was perfect. Although I sobbed a lot because we missed him so much, much like they did. When Emily accidentally had that HUGE painting done because she measured it wrong, when Lorelai admitted she was still hurting. When she rang Emily to finally tell her something good she remembered about her dad. When Rory went to the house to write her book, kissed the portrait and sat in his office, after we were treated to a memory of him sitting in his office too. I sobbed. SOBBED. When Lorelai was grown up enough to ask for money for herself and not for Rory but was unaware that she asked in front of a small painting of her dad. Almost like he was there and gave his approval. I couldn’t control myself. Also, whilst we’re mentioning that part, the way Emily just agreed with the condition that her daughter come visit her new home regularly was perfect. They are not perfect but they are Gilmore’s and they are family.

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a revival quite as much as I did this one and I don’t think I realised how much I needed it. Even those who didn’t watch the original like my husband, enjoyed it. I know I’ll be reaching for this on days when I feel the world is a little colder and I just want a warm hug from something familiar.

” Where you lead, I will follow. Anywhere that you tell me too. If you need, need me to be with you. I will follow where you lead. “





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