16 Things I learnt in 2016.


Happy New Year! It’s finally 2017, and despite it being a politically unstable year plus the fact that we lost so many talented people, It’s been a pretty good year for me. First, I got married. I finally married my best friend and could not be happier but not only that I learnt a few things too. So as I start 2017, I wanted to share 16 things that 2016 had taught me.

1. I am NOT my anxiety.

2. It’s okay to put yourself first, show yourself some self care.

3. Work is not everything – You have a whole life outside of work. Live it.

4. Do what you love, not what everyone wants you to do. If you’re not happy doing what you do, why are you even doing it?

5. Listen to other peoples stories, sometimes it just might help – You’re not the only one who needs someone to listen from time to time. You just might learn something.

6. Just because you’ve spent a long time making a mistake doesn’t mean it’s not a mistake. Yeah, it doesn’t make it any less wrong, cut that negativity out.

7. Be silly – seriously, it’s fun.

8. Apparently, I really like Justin Bieber now. I don’t know when or why this happened, but damnit his songs are catchy.

9. I’m still a Disney kid at heart.

10. No one else knows what they’re doing either. If you feel like everyone else has their shit together, chances are they don’t. Fake it till you make it baby.

11. Being a wife is literally the best.

12. Things always comes in threes. The bad…but also the good. Just ride the wave out. You’ll get there.

13. I have the most amazing friends. Don’t fight me on this.

14. Just remember to breathe. (This relates to number one, you can do this. One step in front of the other)

15. My make up obsession is getting a little out of hand but there are worse things to be addicted too.

16. My love for film and books isn’t going anywhere.

2016 may be the year that no one really wants to remember but it’s taught me a lot and it was completely magical in every way I needed it to be. So here’s to 2017.

Happy New Year.



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