The Birthday Adventure


This weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday, and what did I do to celebrate you ask? Did I go for cocktails and embody the idea of sophistication and adulthood? Of course not. I decided to be a kid (I would say giant, but i’m 5ft 2) and go to the Zoo! It was amazing, I hadn’t been the zoo since i was around 12 years old? Maybe before then but nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot. I got to feed the baby goats and anyone who knows me will know that for some strange reason that no one can figure out I have a strange obsession with them. They’re just so damn cute. Anyway I got to feed them and walk with them, see the lions, tigers (and bears oh my!) monkey’s, exotic birds. I fed an elephant and a giraffe…I truly let my inner kid run free. All of this whilst wearing my new set of sunglasses that make me look like i’m trying to be a John Lennon wannabe!

Not only this, I was spoilt truly by my husband, my family and friends. It wasn’t a huge deal, it wasn’t a massive affair or event, there wasn’t a ridiculous party but it was just me having fun with the people I love, enjoying the weekend and it was perfect.

2017, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from you but if this year continues to go how it’s the first few months have been, I think I’m going to fall deeply in love with you.

Here just a few photos of my adventures this weekend.


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