Original Writing – Luca + Jade – Valerie May Barton

Original Writing

I sat down at the table and began picking at food. I wasn’t much hungry, at least not for the substitute of food they give us. I watched everyone interacting, boys and girls, girls and boys. You’d never know that half of these people were taken without even a choice but still absent smiles were on their faces and I envied them. I wish I could ignore the voice that was telling me that this was all wrong. All of it. The bench shifted and I didn’t have to look to know who it was. Lucas sat there in his usual attire of all black I knew that because it’s what he always wore. He didn’t speak because I knew we were being watched, the seers were watching our every move from their window on the balcony. I’d broken enough rules today and didn’t feel like being punished, but that never stopped Lucas. “You know were being watched right?” he asked
“Of course and you know that if they catch us talking we’re dead.” I replied still not looking at him. Instead I was concentrating on a sign which read solders and sirens.
“I don’t see everyone else avoiding each other. The way I see it, we’re just two people having lunch.”
“We’re not just two people. We both know that Dallas and Frost will revoke any rights you and I both have. we can’t be seen together.” I tell him sternly.
“And if we’re not seen?”
“Lucas, you have to stay away from me.” I say finally looking at him to find him already staring at me. Eyes scanning my face for some truth to my thoughts.
“I can’t. You’re a siren, isn’t that your job?” he smirks, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Yes and you are trained to avoid the advances of a siren. Besides, isn’t Amelia your siren?” I retort.
“No, that got called off. One phone call to daddy and she ran of scared. You’re not scared are you?” he asks leaning in closer and I know that the seers have probably spotted us by now. I need to end his conversation and fast.
“Lucas. Stay away from me, have you got a death wish?”
“You could always stay away from me. And what happens if I can’t stay away from you Jade?” he asks with the curiosity in his eyes. I pick up my tray and lean in, he’s so close I can smell him. “We’re dead.” I answer in a whisper before quickly throwing my tray with the waste and scurrying back to my room.


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