Crashed Like Lightning – Adjustment Period.


So i’ve tried to type this blog out maybe, six times in the past three days and I’m sick of re-writing it. I even contemplated making a separate blog just because this didn’t seem to “fit” but decided that’s just me trying to avoid everything and decided to put it up anyway ha!

I should probably start by explaining that i’m a 20 something year old trying to find her place in this big ol’ world.Yes, cheesey and overrated I know. Sure, I sound just like one of those millennials that the news is constantly going on about. You know the ones, the kind that haven’t bought their houses yet, who are constantly spending money without earning, and feeling that they don’t have to work hard to seek the rewards. Here’s the thing, I’m not particularly sure where I’m going with this blog post, only that my fingers are typing whatever thoughts come out, so forgive me if I go onto tangents. I suppose I wanted to know if anyone else felt like this.  People will tell you that being a teenager is difficult and that the transition into adulthood is difficult but they didn’t tell you how long the adjustment period should be. So i’m sat here wondering, why I still feel like an imposter a few years into what is supposedly the “best decade of my life.”

Is it wrong to feel so empowered and have that feeling that you should be doing more? That I just haven’t found the thing i’m supposed to be doing for my whole life? Is this normal? Does that ever go away? Do you suddenly get used to it? Okay, I feel like I should clarify that I have no problem grafting to earn something, to work hard to see the rewards – it’s just logic. However, what I am struggling with is this feeling that one day you just know what you want to do for a career, because honestly, I thought I did and I don’t love it. Is that normal?

Anyway, the point to this whole thing is that the adjustment period is hard. HARD. So if any of you can make me feel relatively normal or have any tips on how to ride the wave of the adjustment period that would be great. I’m asking for a friend….


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