Molly’s Game – Review


It’s been a while. I know and I could update you on the on goings on my life, but the truth is the thing that compelled me to begin writing on here again, is the fact that I’ve just watched Molly’s Game. Oh goodness, that film just cemented my love for Jessica Chastain. She is phenomenal in that move and giving an equally convincing performance is Idris Elba.
The film is adapted from the book by Molly Bloom herself and is based upon a true story. One which I had no idea took place,  of a an overachieving woman who is injured in a sporting accident decides to open up an underground poker game.

However, what really stood out on the film is telling a female story in one of the most human ways possible. It was unconceivable to many of the men in this film that, she wouldn’t sacrifice herself and was protecting others, that she wasn’t sexually involved with any of the players, nor was she apologetic for being anything but herself. She was flawed (very) but she was absolutely herself and it was so refreshing.

Told in both flashbacks and flash forwards to the current day, it plays with time but not in a way that the audience gets lost. With everything going on in the industry and much more the world, I love this film. With subtle hints of women empowerment, to be unapologetically yourself and that women will survive this mans world that seems to have been curated.

Make no mistake, this film is not advertising the fact that woman could accidentally fall into a life of the mob, the billionaire boys club, a life of crime but the opposite, but what it’s doing is giving woman the idea that we can do anything a man can do both good and bad.

If I’m honest, I loved so much about it that I believe i’ll have to watch it a second and third time just to take away even more from it. It’s one of those films that just keeps giving.

This film I think was very important in a very understated way.


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