Original Writing – Luca + Jade – Valerie May Barton

Original Writing

I sat down at the table and began picking at food. I wasn’t much hungry, at least not for the substitute of food they give us. I watched everyone interacting, boys and girls, girls and boys. You’d never know that half of these people were taken without even a choice but still absent smiles were on their faces and I envied them. I wish I could ignore the voice that was telling me that this was all wrong. All of it. The bench shifted and I didn’t have to look to know who it was. Lucas sat there in his usual attire of all black I knew that because it’s what he always wore. He didn’t speak because I knew we were being watched, the seers were watching our every move from their window on the balcony. I’d broken enough rules today and didn’t feel like being punished, but that never stopped Lucas. “You know were being watched right?” he asked
“Of course and you know that if they catch us talking we’re dead.” I replied still not looking at him. Instead I was concentrating on a sign which read solders and sirens.
“I don’t see everyone else avoiding each other. The way I see it, we’re just two people having lunch.”
“We’re not just two people. We both know that Dallas and Frost will revoke any rights you and I both have. we can’t be seen together.” I tell him sternly.
“And if we’re not seen?”
“Lucas, you have to stay away from me.” I say finally looking at him to find him already staring at me. Eyes scanning my face for some truth to my thoughts.
“I can’t. You’re a siren, isn’t that your job?” he smirks, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Yes and you are trained to avoid the advances of a siren. Besides, isn’t Amelia your siren?” I retort.
“No, that got called off. One phone call to daddy and she ran of scared. You’re not scared are you?” he asks leaning in closer and I know that the seers have probably spotted us by now. I need to end his conversation and fast.
“Lucas. Stay away from me, have you got a death wish?”
“You could always stay away from me. And what happens if I can’t stay away from you Jade?” he asks with the curiosity in his eyes. I pick up my tray and lean in, he’s so close I can smell him. “We’re dead.” I answer in a whisper before quickly throwing my tray with the waste and scurrying back to my room.


Original Writing – Is it really that Simple – Valerie May Barton

Original Writing

Let me know if you like this and I can write the background behind it or the aftermath it.Always happy to have some feedback. 

She stood there looking at me as though I was crazy. I probably was crazy but at this point it didn’t matter. I couldn’t help myself. Every thought, every emotion and every feeling had been bubbling away inside me for so long that I felt like I was going to explode. Katie looked at me again. “I really don’t think this is a good idea.” She said as she grabbed her keys.

“Me neither.” I followed behind her, rushing her to get to where I needed to be.
“You can’t keep doing this! What are you going to do when you get there? What are you even going to say? You’re going around in circles. Complete and utter circles.”
“I know trust me, i’m getting myself all dizzy. I just, i have too.” I said again. “Please.”
“What are you going to do?” I ignored her question as she pulled up in front of the house. it was familiar and I’m an idiot for not figuring it out sooner. I jumped out of the car, shut the door behind me and walked straight to the front door. Katie calling out behind me.
“Luce, I really don’t think this is a good idea. In fact, this is a terrible idea. Absolutely awful. we should just get back in the car and turn right around.” I ignored her and banged on the door.

“Let’s play knock knock run. You run, and i’ll pretend I knocked.” I gave her a look before she just signed. “Fine. I don’t know what you’re going to say but it’s a bad idea. You’re about to open up yourself to a whole can of worms. So will you just…oh great. You’re not even listening.” The door opened and there it was again, the urgency I felt. I don’t know what came over me, it’s like I was possessed.
“What are you doing he-“ Before he could even finish the sentence I did the only thing that was racing through my mind. I scanned his face and went for it. I just kissed him with everything I had. i pushed him back into his house and let myself in, not stopping for air. I needed to do this, it had been so long and It made me feel so alive.

“LUCY! What are you doing? What happened to “needing to end this”? LUCY.” I could faintly here Katie in back ground but slowly the sound stopped and all I could focus on was him and his lips. I had realised somewhere in between my internal battle that he was kissing me back. He wanted it too and I knew it. I smiled slightly before pulling away for air.

“Well. Is that how you say hello now?” I heard a voice from the corner and I realised he wasn’t on his own. Cameron was sitting in the corner smirking. “I best be off, looks like i’ll see you around Luce. Katie, fancy giving me a lift? I think these two need to talk.” Katie scowled at me. She was furious at me for lying to her but she knew that there was no getting myself out of this one. She nodded at Cameron and gave me a knowing look. I was going to be a whole bunch of phone calls from her tonight and the knot in my stomach tightened. Katie followed behind Cameron and shut the door. I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding and sat myself down at the round table was in front of his kitchen island.

“So are you going to tell me what all this is about?” He asked before I put my hand up to stop him. I needed a moment before all the talking, before any of it began before I just had this little moment to decipher in my head. “You can’t just turn up here of the blue and kiss me.” Again I said nothing. He sat opposite me forcing me to look at him. “Talk to me.”
“I don’t even know what to say!” It started to feel too much. I just needed to do it that’s all I knew and my mind was spinning. Overwhelmed by the entire situation that i had just walked myself into. i felt like crying but I also felt like screaming, in a good way. “I just, I needed to do it! It sounds crazy, I know. I’m crazy. But for some reason, that is all i’ve thought about for god knows how long. I know this isn’t supposed to happen but you’re here and i’m here. I’d have kicked myself if I didn’t. So I did and I suppose now it’s done, i should probably leave.” I was thinking out loud, rambling to myself to fill the silence. I began to stand up but I felt something grab my wrist stroking the back of my hand Jack was standing there holding it. Then I remember he had kissed me back and I smiled slightly.

“So now that you’ve got your…urge out of the way, What now?” He asks knowing that I have no idea.

“No idea?”
“Not a single one?” he asks with a smile only this time he’s worked himself over to my side of the table and he’s standing right next to me.

“Nope.” I said lookup at him and before I knew what was happening, it was his turn to kiss me. He tasted good, like an ice cream you’ve been wanting all summer, hot chocolate that keeps you toasty warm on Christmas Eve, a cold drink of coke from a glass bottle. That kind of good. We were all lips, and as much as I didn’t want to, I pulled away. “What are we doing?”
“Kissing?” he smiled.
“No I got that part.” I laughed “I mean what are we really doing?”
“Well I was hoping to kiss a bit more and then maybe, I could take you upstairs and we can more than kiss. Then we can do all of this talking later.”
“Or we could do the talking now?” He just smiled at me and I knew this was going to cause an absolute shit storm. I knew it , I knew that when I lied to Katie and convinced her to bring me here but yet here I was and Jack was sitting there smiling at me. “What are you smiling at?”
“You are the most infuriating person I know but you’re you and you’re just as you as you were back then.”
“Jack, that makes absolutely no sense at all.”
“Does any of this? You turned up to my house about 30 minutes ago and before you uttered a single word you just kissed me like it was the only thing keeping you alive and here we are at the table deciding what we’re going to do. None of it makes sense, sense would be us never seeing each other again but we’re here.”
“It felt like it was the only thing keeping me alive.” I whispered. I didn’t really mean to say it out loud. “It’s been sitting in my head, bubbling away, always in the back of my mind. Then I saw you and you had broken up with her and I just, I couldn’t bare the idea of going through that again. I know, I know everything about this is a bad idea. A stupid, ridiculous, bad idea. But you know how things sound underwater? Or when you put your hand on the speaker, it just sounds dull? That’s what that felt like. It sounds stupid and cheesy, like i’m in some TV show but honestly. I couldn’t breathe. I wanted you, I needed to kiss you and feel you. You make everything okay.” I continue my outburst because I know he wasn’t going to be the first one to say anything. Always joking around until the absolute last minute.

“You told me you never wanted to see me again.” He spoke quietly.

“You told me that you weren’t one of them. We both lied.” I said quietly.
“We can’t keep going around in circles.”
“I know and for some reason, I thought if I came here. If I just got you out of my system it would be over but it’s not. I thought if I kissed you, I would remember how shitty all of it felt and it would be out of my system and just leave but here I am. My feet remain unmoving and you’re standing in front of me.”
“I don’t want you to leave but, the first time someone says something, you’re going to run. I’m not that person anymore you know that but the whole town’s going to talk. Shit, Katie looked at me like I was poison.”
“She doesn’t know you saved my life…I promised you I wouldn’t tell anyone. So I didn’t” I shrugged and he looked amazed. He had somehow made his way over to me and his hands where on my cheek and before I could stop myself I was leaning into his hand. “This is crazy, I’ve never been the needy type. I’ve never really needed anything, I got used to just being there when people needed me, but never sticking around but I can’t bring myself to leave. I can’t help but notice you haven’t really said how you feel.”
“I thought that was obvious? I’m here aren’t I? I was told to never come anywhere near you again, and damnit I tried to but I wanted to be near you even if I couldn’t be with you. It feels just as alive as it did back then doesn’t it? It never went away for me. I love you.” he said and gave me a quick kiss.

“and I’m the same.” I replied. “Is it really that simple?”
“We could keep talking about it, but I really want to give into this now. I’m done trying to be good. If you want me next to you. I’ll be next to you. I need you too.” I lifted my hand to stroke his face slightly, not being able to believe that this man was somehow baring all of his cards to me. The truth was in his eyes, I knew it. I knew him better than most people and I trusted him.  “So it’s up to you, people will talk, they’ll say down right awful things. We’ll probably outcasts, people won’t want us near them. They’ll whisper and the silence will scream, it won’t be easy. We’ll be stuck with each other.”
“But I’ll have you and this knot in my stomach, this wanting and needing It’ll be okay because I’ll have you which is what I’ve wanted. I’ll be able to breathe because I really don’t want to feel like I did again.” I said and before either of us can say anything else. We give in, we kiss and our hands are everywhere. His shirt some how makes it’s way to the floor and mine isn’t far behind. He makes good on his promise to take me upstairs and I feel on top of the world with the high that this man is giving me. I don’t care what everyone is going to say, I’ve listened to them long enough. It’s stupid and ridiculous but the craving I’ve felt slowly melts away, knowing that it’ll be back again tomorrow but I can feed it because he is here and we’re going to fight this together.

Is it really that simple 2

Original Writing – Barringdon Corp – VMB

Original Writing

I stood there staring at the five doors in a semi circle. This was it. My life for the next year. I didn’t know who I was going to meet or what I was doing here. Three others had already arrived and had chosen their rooms. The first three doors on the right were claimed, that left the two doors on the left available. I didn’t want to choose the one right next to them and risk them thinking that I was forcing my way into their already formed friendship but if chose the one furthest away It could look like I wanted to create space. So I stood staring at the brown victorian looking doors for a moment. I wondered if they had been put together before. I must have been there a little too long before they had noticed me staring. They looked blankly at me, trying to assess if I was acceptable or if I was going to be a burden to them for the next year. I gave them a small smile and wave before I picked the door furthest away. In those few seconds I think we could all feel that the option of space would be a great thing for us.

The room wasn’t small but it wasn’t big either. White surfaces covered the walls, enough room for a double bed, one wall had a fitted desk and shelving units. A door on the right led to what I assumed was a bathroom and next to the door was a board with all the timings we could possibly need, meeting times, contact numbers, etc. The boring stuff. Near the window was a desk which had a kettle, a microwave, and a clear surface with buttons next to it which I assume would request snacks. At least it would keep me going until I found my way to the canteen or learnt the local spots which would no doubt soon become my favourite hideaways. The rooms were built to have everything you need in them because outside of them is a little gathering space, a few chairs and then a walkway to the door. I don’t know much about this place but I do know that we’re grouped by skill. Everyone in this group has a skill that the other doesn’t, it’s designed to that each team or group can overcome most problems, making it the most efficient process to solving problems.

I didn’t know what I expected, maybe after the first hour or so of unpacking perhaps someone to introduce themselves? Instead nothing happened. I didn’t know any of the names of those I was grouped with. I unpacked everything within the hour, I didn’t have much to begin with, so I decided to go and say hi. I knocked on the middle door, the one that was open, and the girls stopped talking and looked up at me. There were two three brunette, each of them stunning in their own way. They all looked expectantly at me, “Hi” i managed to choke out. “I figured I should introduce myself since we’ll be working together for the foreseeable.”

Hi” the middle one smiled. She seemed to be the smallest and although she smiled the corner of her mouth seemed like it was hiding a secret. “I’m Kate, this is Lucy” she pointed to the tall woman with blue eyes. Lucy nodded. “And this is Rachel” Rachel smiled a bright white smile. I seemed to reflect this myself and offered her one back.

I’m Evelynn. People call me Evie for short.” The ladies nodded before turning their heads again and going back to their original conversation. I decided it was my time to leave and left the room. I was about to close the door back to my room before I heard Kate again “We’ll see you at work tomorrow, 9am.”

Sure, see you then” I figured that was Kate’s way of ending the introductions and today’s associations. We were here to work and that was all.

The next morning I decided to get up bright and early. I didn’t have time for breakfast, I just chucked on a blue and laced shirt and some nice black fitted trousers. Grabbed my bag and headed towards the huge office buildings and tried to find the one which was mine. I had been looking for a good twenty minutes, there was just so flipping many of them. A notice board seemed to be where people would stop for a moment before changing directions, I’d follow their lead. I looked for my name, it would help if I knew what department I was even working at or what skill of mine they highlighted as the most useful. After another ten minutes I felt someone standing next to me and learned a little over me (I was so small at 5’2, it happened more often than not) I turned around to see a man standing next to me. Messy Blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a smile firmly placed on his face. He knew how to work a room, I could already tell that his skill was charm. “You’re lost too huh?” he smirked.

Yes! This place is so flipping huge I had no idea where I’m going.”

That’s okay, I’ve yet to meet my group.” he didn’t seem bothered by this. I carried on looking and found my name. I did a mini fist pump before realising I was in public. “Excited?”

No, I’d just rather go sit at my desk than wander around this place.” I shrugged before walking away. He winked at me just before he left the notice board himself.

I followed the map I had stolen from the board and made my way to office 6B. It was a huge room, there were four groups of tables each with the capacity to sit five people. Two rooms built of glass, I assume for secret projects talked and each desk had a Macbook Pro and a PC desktop sitting on it. I looked around until I found that group placing I thought we were placed, it had my group number attached to it and chose the one I thought would cause the least problems. I pulled out a few photos, ones that reminded me of home, a fake flower because I never had the patience to keep them alive and logged began organise my office space. The other tables were beginning to fill up and I was still waiting for Kate, Lucy and Rachel.

It wasn’t until 9:20am that they arrived, making the general first day excuses for being late. I had already set up my email and started my own filling systems. I was nothing if not organised. They gave their distance smiles and made their way to the desks, the only empty table being next to me. Kate sat at the head of the group, nominating herself as leader. Rachel sat opposite me behind her computer making it impossible to pretty much say anything or see anything and Lucy sat next to her. We all started filling in the obligatory forms and sets up of the computers before a bag suddenly dropped onto the empty table next to me. I looked up and there he was; the good looking blonde from before. He gave me another wink to which I smiled and turned my head back to my computer screen. “ Fancy seeing you here” he smirked.

Imagine, of all the gin joints in all the world” I laughed, the girls had stopped their incessant typing and looked up.

I don’t think I got to introduce myself this morning. Max” He held out his hand and I took it trying not to melt into his touch. He really did look good.

I’m Kate, team leader” I tried not to giggle. No one had actually chosen her as team leader. “This is Rachel and Lucy. I assume you moved in to your room late last night?”

Yeah, you know family things and such.” he smiled. I didn’t believe him for one minute. “Oh look at this, it appears you can’t get rid of me…” he paused, he was yet to learn my name.

Evie.” I finished for him.

Bump into me this morning and not you’re stuck next to me. I warn you now, I snack a lot. I’m a sharer too, so unless you have good willpower, you’re going to end up eating crap”

Don’t worry, I have a giant bag of M&M’s in my drawer” I grinned.

Be still my beating heart” he laughed before taking a seat. He turned to Kate “So Boss, what’s the plan?”

We’re just doing the admin before we get an email to tell us our skills and what we’re actually supposed to do.” Kate shrugged like it was obvious.

Of course.” He spotted Lucy starring and he gave her a wink too. Charm, this boy was definitely going to be using his charm in whatever the hell we had to do.

I had a bit of spare time whilst waiting for an email to tell me what I was apparently really good at so I decided to try and look up my family. Only thing is all of a sudden, I couldn’t really remember much. I could make out faces, and hear their voices but when it came to their names, or places where I lived my mind was blank. I turned to Max who looked surprised at me, he couldn’t of possibly knew what I was trying to do, could he? My email notification popped up. It was Max.

Max: Brain scanners will do that to you. You wont remember whilst your here.

I took a moment, trying not to give my thoughts away before replying.

Evelynn: How do you even know that? Have you been here before?

Max: Here? No. But I know my skill.

Evelynn: Do tell?

Max: Wait for the email.

He was smiling, I could see it out of the corner of my eye. It was as if he could tell the future because we had an email come up from Barringdon Corp.

Dear Group C,

By now I trust you have enrolled yourselves onto the system. Each of you will be wondering what you have to offer us, but you have been chosen carefully and we know that you all have a place here at Barringdon. You have been nominated either by yourself or by your family members for a place here. Don’t try to contact your family, here you will barely remember the outside world, you won’t need too. Barringdon will provide all that you need. The purpose of this group is to discover what we really need to know, you will look into the campaigns of others and discover what they are not telling us. Some may call it background checks, others will call it detective work, we call it necessary. Every project will be approved and run through you. You’ll be given confidential information and you may not always agree on what you decide to do but majority will always rule and you will have the power to reject and accept the projects and morals that this company stands for.

You’re skills are the following:

Kate Smith – Delegation and defence

Rachel Cross – Distraction and surveillance

Lucy Thomas – Defusing and manipulation.

Evelynn Green – Knowledge and history

Maximus Jackson – Observer and technology

Use them to the best of your ability and in you we trust.

We thank you for your service.

Many Thanks,

Tony Richards.

That explained why Max already knew, he’s good at observing, he appears to be confident to know himself pretty well. He uses his charm to hide the fact that he’s observing everything about you, ready to use the knowledge. Plus he may have hacked into the system already to figured this out.

As soon as the email went around I felt like had something inside me wake up, my understanding for things around me just was turned up to 100. It didn’t explain why I couldn’t remember anything, images and people yes, but names and places? No. I didn’t know how I got here, did I nominate myself? Did someone nominate me? Where was I even from? My understanding is that I got off a train and headed straight for the Barringdon HQ. I looked around me and everyone seemed to be okay with this. How could they be okay with this? I was struggling to breathe with all this new information. I suppose the key word was new, perhaps this wasn’t knew to them. How long had they been here? Had they re-nominated themselves or volunteered for an extra year, could you even do that? I somehow stumbled my way through the morning and decided that lunch in the canteen was a bad idea. I couldn’t even control my thoughts at the moment let alone small talk with the three musketeers, besides if Max was observant he had probably guessed I’m was having an internal discussion with myself. I headed back to the he group quarters and stay firmly in my room. I needed to process this.

Bitterness of Friendship- VMB

Original Writing, Uncategorized

Write about two characters who have known each other for a long time. Give one of them a secret.

She was standing there. Her back towards the door as if she knew I was coming but didn’t care enough to face me. Her head turns slightly, just enough to notice me enter the room but not enough for me to read her emotions. “How long?” I ask.

She turns her head back to the wall, I can only see the back of her head and her hair which is still perfectly in place. I look around the room, empty. For once we do not have an audience, it is just me, her and the silence that fills the room. Thick and heavy with tension. I sit on the sofa which is glowing with light from the fire. She walks around the table near the window pouring both of us a drink. The chiming of glasses clashing together fills the room. She may be able to control her emotions but her body can not, even she can not control her hands from shaking. Finally she brings the glasses over and sits opposite me. I look at her, waiting for her to answer. “Oh for heavens sake Joshua! What do you want me to say? I knew? Of course I knew! It’s my job to know.” She sighs in defeat and taking a swig of the drink in her glass.
“You’re job to know? Why does this have to be about a job! Why can’t you for once just be here for me.”
“Because, we both know why you’re really here and it is not because you’re hurt. You forget yourself. I knew you when you were a child, I knew you when you were a boy, a teenager and now I know you as the man in front of me. So do not pretend you are here because you are hurt that you were the last to know. You are here because your ego is bruised and you want some attention. Well you will not be getting it from me!” she looks at me, her eyes filled with rage but her face calm. It’s almost as if the emotions are threatening to spill from her. The clock is ticking in the corner and the silence is still in the air, clinging to furniture.
“Attention? You think this is about attention?” I spit
“Yes! Yes I do. It’s the reason I’m here isn’t it? You can’t go six months without blaming me for not being there for you. You need me remember? Your sound board have you ever once thought about what I need? Look at you. Look at this. It’s toxic.” She stands clearly frustrated. “What is the point of this conversation. You’re angry and this is pointless. You’re blaming me for hiding this from you. That she was going to leave!”
“You could have stopped her!”
“And then what? Forced you into a marriage where she was not happy and thus you neither? No, like it or not I care about you and she was not right. It was not right. Now we just pull ourselves together and we get on with it.”
“Like you did?” I take a sip of my drink. I couldn’t stop myself. The words just fell out. Her whole body stills.

“What do you mean like I did?” I don’t reply, I lean forward and pour myself a drink. “No come on Joshie. Don’t get shy now. What did I just get on with?”
“Stop that. Just spit it out. What you’re a afraid of hurting me now? ha! When have we ever cared about that. Isn’t that what we do? we’re brutally and unashamedly honest. Even if it kills. Don’t you pride yourself on it. I know you do. It’s the only reason we keep each other around. When all else fails, leave it to old Joshie to deliver the truth even if it cuts like a knife. They call me a bitch right? You ever wonder why? No. You know why, I don’t give a damn. Now stop being a coward and spit the bloody thing out. What did I just get on with?”
“See there you go again. Putting on this hard shell act, the tough I don’t care and I’ll be okay. You care. You cared when he left you for his wife. He promised you didn’t he?”

Her face pales and the voices of downstairs are starting to quieten down. The party is ending but we know that this conversation isn’t ready to stop anytime soon.
“What are you talking about?” She stands up and goes to get some ice. Pretending that she wants her drink cold. She’s never had ice in her drink in the whole time i’ve known her. She’s avoiding looking at me.
“Robert. We all know you were sleeping with him! Even his wife knew but she got pregnant again and he left you hanging. Broke you and turned you into this cold bitch”
“Shut your mouth! You know nothing. Absolutely nothing about that.”
“I know that the baby wasn’t even his”
“SHUT UP!” She throws the glass on the floor. She’s hit tipping point, emotions over flowing she can’t hide this much more. “What do you mean the baby wasn’t his? It had to have been!”
“You mean Lisa couldn’t have been having an affair? Lisa always got what she wanted and she wanted Robert. She also knew that the one thing you couldn’t give him was a child because he was married to her. So she gave him what you couldn’t a child but they weren’t spending much time together. The baby was Jack’s.”
“His brothers?”
“The one and only.”
“You knew?”
“Everyone knew but whatever doesn’t know is that you disappeared for a while afterwards. Nancy told me though, wasn’t hard to put two and two together. How old would they have been? Hmm? Don’t act like you don’t know.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She gets up to leave but I stand in the doorway. She’s not leaving right now.
“Oh come on Lucy, you know exactly what I’m talking about. How old would they have been? Do you think I wouldn’t know? How could you not tell me!?”
“Five. She would have been five.” She whispers “are you happy now?”
“No. My fiancé just left me at the alter and my best friend has been keeping a secret from me for five years and all you do is keep secrets!”
“We’re best friends are we?”
“Who else is going to put up with me?”
“You are a bastard.” she all but spits the words out. She sits defeated back on the sofa and I sit next to her.
“And you are a bitch, yet here we are.”
“For someone whose fiancé left them you’re not terribly heartbroken.”
“I don’t have a heart remember?”

We sit there in the silence listening to each other breathe. It’s terrible really that of all the people I’ve known that I should be stuck with the bitter bitch as my best friend and that she should be stuck with the mumbling arrogant asshole. Still, life’s funny isn’t it.