Original Writing – Luca + Jade – Valerie May Barton

I sat down at the table and began picking at food. I wasn’t much hungry, at least not for the substitute of food they give us. I watched everyone interacting, boys and girls, girls and boys. You’d never know that half of these people were taken without even a choice but still absent smiles were [...]


Original Writing – Is it really that Simple – Valerie May Barton

Let me know if you like this and I can write the background behind it or the aftermath it.Always happy to have some feedback.  She stood there looking at me as though I was crazy. I probably was crazy but at this point it didn’t matter. I couldn’t help myself. Every thought, every emotion and [...]

Original Writing – Barringdon Corp – VMB

I stood there staring at the five doors in a semi circle. This was it. My life for the next year. I didn’t know who I was going to meet or what I was doing here. Three others had already arrived and had chosen their rooms. The first three doors on the right were claimed, [...]

Bitterness of Friendship- VMB

Write about two characters who have known each other for a long time. Give one of them a secret. She was standing there. Her back towards the door as if she knew I was coming but didn’t care enough to face me. Her head turns slightly, just enough to notice me enter the room but [...]