Oscar Review: Hidden Figures – Theodore Melfi


The only way I can start this is by saying this is a film that everyone needs to see. Especially with how the political landscape is now, it’s important that everyone see’s it.

The film tells the story of three black women in 1960’s America who works for NASA whilst they were in the midst in the space race! In a time before computers and technology wasn’t as accessible it shows the importance of working together. It stars Taraji P Henson as Katherine Johnson who is the math brain behind getting America into space, she stars opposite Jim Parsons who plays a character who is the metaphor for racist ¬†America. Olivia Spencer plays Dorothy Vaughn who later became the first black supervisor in America and singer Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson who wants to become a qualified engineer.

The film is uplifting and a great watch and the scene in which Katherine explains to her white boss (played by Kevin Costner) what is like to be the only black member of the team never mind being a woman too! It’s phenomenally written and written in such a way that it doesn’t make these women a victim of their circumstance, but women who took whatever cards life dealt them and turned into a Royal Flush. It shows the importance of working together no matter what your skin colour and in todays society shows no matter your preference you are still vital to todays society.

There is a classic line in the film that I feel is important to showcase here “Here at Nasa we all pee the same colour.” With a a quick white, an off the cuff line, it shows the significance of the entire film and how necessary it is. The acting is phenomenal again, but one of the most surprising things, at least for me, is that Pharrell Williams produced the movie proving he isn’t just a genius in the recording studio but in the film arena too!