Mum Diary #1


Being a mum is hard!!

That’s what i’ve learnt so far, it’s so incredibly hard but also incredibly worth it. In the past five weeks, i’ve learnt more about being calm and learning to wait than I have in the previous 25 years of my life.

Milo Rex is doing incredibly well, he’s got reflux which is hard to watch him struggle but we’re on the mend with the help of the NHS and some medicine. He’s growing bigger by the day and with it my sanity is decreasing. It’s a struggle some days too, not have enough hours in the day to work on the projects you want to come to life, clean the house, cook the dinner, spend time with my husband who has been slaving away at work and just cuddle with milo. However, that being said Milo makes it all worth it, and we’re at the stage now were the smiles are starting to creep in and it’s just a joy to watch.

Honestly, if it was physically possible I think my heart my burst with how much I love him. I’m writing this on one of the rare days where he wants to take his nap. He’s currently in a phase of wanting to be awake ALL OF THE TIME because he’s more alert.

Oh and he’s been swept with football fever and has been throughly enjoying the England team not suck at the world cup. That and listening to some classic songs from The beatles, Elvis, Oasis, and NSYNC (obviously.)

All in all, i’m still adjusting to being a mum but i’m now starting to get into the swing of things, so much so I’ve began writing scripts again (I know! I’m surprised too.)

I hope you’re all well. I just wanted to check in!


Molly’s Game – Review


It’s been a while. I know and I could update you on the on goings on my life, but the truth is the thing that compelled me to begin writing on here again, is the fact that I’ve just watched Molly’s Game. Oh goodness, that film just cemented my love for Jessica Chastain. She is phenomenal in that move and giving an equally convincing performance is Idris Elba.
The film is adapted from the book by Molly Bloom herself and is based upon a true story. One which I had no idea took place,  of a an overachieving woman who is injured in a sporting accident decides to open up an underground poker game.

However, what really stood out on the film is telling a female story in one of the most human ways possible. It was unconceivable to many of the men in this film that, she wouldn’t sacrifice herself and was protecting others, that she wasn’t sexually involved with any of the players, nor was she apologetic for being anything but herself. She was flawed (very) but she was absolutely herself and it was so refreshing.

Told in both flashbacks and flash forwards to the current day, it plays with time but not in a way that the audience gets lost. With everything going on in the industry and much more the world, I love this film. With subtle hints of women empowerment, to be unapologetically yourself and that women will survive this mans world that seems to have been curated.

Make no mistake, this film is not advertising the fact that woman could accidentally fall into a life of the mob, the billionaire boys club, a life of crime but the opposite, but what it’s doing is giving woman the idea that we can do anything a man can do both good and bad.

If I’m honest, I loved so much about it that I believe i’ll have to watch it a second and third time just to take away even more from it. It’s one of those films that just keeps giving.

This film I think was very important in a very understated way.

Harry Potter at 20.

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The Harry Potter franchise is twenty years old as of yesterday. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in…Better? Yeah, I can’t get my head around it either. The boy that lived let us in to his home and we all became his family.

The world that is so full of magic reminded us that it was real. Magic was all around us if we just believed. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that all is not what it seemed. Take a look at my other favourite childhood book (PeterPan) and you’ll notice I loved the notion of escaping to another magical land. Harry Potter some how made that okay and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Magic is real, it’s the belief we have in each other and Love will always be stronger than hate. A message that we all need to believe now more than ever. I will never give in to the hate.

Truth is Harry Potter helped shape me into the person I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a weirdo, a misfit, a bookworm, a dreamer, surprisingly a Ravenclaw but most of all I’m a believer.

Thank you JK Rowling for letting us into this magical world we all call home. We will forever be in your debt.


Throwback Thursday – Jumanji – Crashed Like Lightning


I found myself watching old movies the other day. I don’t know why, I was either bored or I’d had a bad day but I ended up watching Jumanji. I knew I loved the film but MY GOD isn’t it just amazing? You know when you love a film as a kid and then you watch it years later and you go “well it’s not as good as I remembered” well it was the opposite of that. Excluding Disney films, this was one of the first films that made me really love the idea of adventure. That being scared can also mean being brave. The best things come right after being the most scared. It was Jumanji and The Goonies that taught me that.

Jumanji wouldn’t be what it is without the BRILLIANT Robin Williams as Alan. He’s just perfect in that roll. If anything, rewatching it just reminds us of what a talent the world has lost, but the film itself is brilliantly done. Not only is the script funny in a dry sarcastic sort of way, but the characters aren’t really false or unrealistic like they normally are in a kids film. The characters that come out of the boardgame are almost playing on that stereotype, the over the top characters. Yes, children films are supposed to be somewhat shorter but that doesn’t mean we need to dump down the content. They’re smart. Let them talk for themselves, let them experience what those characters are feeling and explore their own world. Let them fall in love with the world and the characters the same way adults do.


I can’t even tell you how much I love this film. It’s a film both adults and children can enjoy, it can even scare both of them without talking down to the kid and being ridiculously complicated for the adult. It’s a good old fashion adventure.

We know that later this year there is going to be a reboot/Sequel to the film with Jack Black saying it will play tribute to Robin William. I don’t know how I feel about that. If i’m honest, as soon as it was announced I wanted them to just leave alone. If it aint broke don’t fix it you know? Still. I know i’ll watch it.


Have you guys seen Jumanji? If so, maybe you can help me with something. I’m curious. If you’ve watched it for the first time as an adult, what did you think? I know that I love it as a piece of film and also with 90’s nostalgia thrown in there but I want to know what people think who maybe don’t have the nostalgia attached.

Let me know what you think!

Holding myself accountable and asking your help.


People say to achieve something you should tell others, that way you can hold yourself accountable. So here it goes: I want to be a script writer. I’ve made no secret of that, i’ve written script upon script and i’m sick of waiting (I appreciate, waiting isn’t something that you should do). This time however, I’ve decided to make this short film myself. It’s a quirky short drama which is mainly voice over work… (I know. I make things easy for myself).

This is the long shot, but you lovely people of the internet might be able to help me. I wondered if three of you (two women and one male) would want to be in the short film! Message me on the contact me page, if this is something you’d be interested in…or just want to hear more about.

Even if you don’t, i’m telling you anyway. I’m holding myself accountable. I’m going to make this damn film if it kills me.

Your (semi) regular programming will return shortly…

Oscar Review: Hidden Figures – Theodore Melfi


The only way I can start this is by saying this is a film that everyone needs to see. Especially with how the political landscape is now, it’s important that everyone see’s it.

The film tells the story of three black women in 1960’s America who works for NASA whilst they were in the midst in the space race! In a time before computers and technology wasn’t as accessible it shows the importance of working together. It stars Taraji P Henson as Katherine Johnson who is the math brain behind getting America into space, she stars opposite Jim Parsons who plays a character who is the metaphor for racist  America. Olivia Spencer plays Dorothy Vaughn who later became the first black supervisor in America and singer Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson who wants to become a qualified engineer.

The film is uplifting and a great watch and the scene in which Katherine explains to her white boss (played by Kevin Costner) what is like to be the only black member of the team never mind being a woman too! It’s phenomenally written and written in such a way that it doesn’t make these women a victim of their circumstance, but women who took whatever cards life dealt them and turned into a Royal Flush. It shows the importance of working together no matter what your skin colour and in todays society shows no matter your preference you are still vital to todays society.

There is a classic line in the film that I feel is important to showcase here “Here at Nasa we all pee the same colour.” With a a quick white, an off the cuff line, it shows the significance of the entire film and how necessary it is. The acting is phenomenal again, but one of the most surprising things, at least for me, is that Pharrell Williams produced the movie proving he isn’t just a genius in the recording studio but in the film arena too!


Oscar Review: Arrival -Denis Villenuve


Usually, I’m not a huge Sci-fi fan. I can enjoy it sure but it’ll never be a genre I go out of my way and get crazy excited for. That being said this film sold me the genre, what I loved about it so much was it made it human. The film sees Amy Adams play a linguistics professor try to understand an alien language so they can communicate to discover why they are on earth in the first place.

The film does something very very clever. The whole plot focuses on something that the audience can only truly truly understand once they see it again for a second time because they know they will. You will enjoy the film, some will even love it the first time, but on the second viewing you’ll understand it and appreciate it on a whole different level. it takes time and space and it makes it something completely human that those who don’t have a big interest in science fall in love with it. Giving the story a human level, and making us vulnerable to the message is a perfect way to get us to listen. Whilst we sit there in movie theatres to watch a film that we expect to be a general sci-fi or maybe even a bit mind bending, it gives us an important message. We need to work together. It’s beautifully done.
The fact that Adam’s didn’t get an oscar is one that bugged me and not because I think she should just be given it for staring in the film but because she IS the film. She carried this entire film, without Adam’s amazing performance the audience wouldn’t feel what it’s supposed to feel.

Do I love this film? Yes. Will I watch it again? Probably. Will it win the oscar? Probably not but it deserves every ounce of that nomination and to stand up there with the heavy weights. Human’s are not perfect and it’s something we should be reminded of from time to time.