Review: After Glow by Urban Decay – Crashed Like Lightning


Urban Decay have been one of my favourite mid market brands for a while now. I have a few pieces from various collections in my make up stash. I think one of the reasons I love them so much is because they do such a spectrum of shades that they fit with all skin types. I mean, one of my pet peeves is when the shade Nude, isn’t a nude shade for me. On my lips it turns up a frosted pink. Anyway, when I heard that they brought out the After Glow highlight palette I couldn’t not go and take a quick peak! It was so beautiful that I had to have it.

First lets talk about the packaging. It’s pretty, it’s pink and it’s portable! Thank goodness it’s portable. What is with brands making beautiful packaging but you can’t take it anywhere? When I go and visit my family, I’m usually wanting to pack light, so that limits me to make up with packaging that won\t get damaged or isn’t too heavy. I also appreciate a good even square/box which makes it so much easier to stash away neatly because we all know that a make up station can get messy pretty quickly. Am I right?
When you open the box you’ll see four different shades. Bliss, Peroxide, NSFW and Side Piece. I usually don’t pay attention to the names but even I can appreciate their flirty titles. It amused me.


I suppose what you really want to know is how are the shades? I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a highlight combo which will stay on pretty much throughout the day and will catch the light when you’re friends/other-half/world/victims are least expecting it, then this one is pretty good for it’s value. It’s very pigmented but what I loved most about this is I could wear every colour.

I’m mixed raced, so usually when i buy a palette it’s not often that i can wear all the colours. So if I wanted to go super highlighted I could wear peroxide without it being too shiny or obvious that i’ve got a pink or purple highlighter one. Most of the time, the colour of it stands out on my skin a little too much and I just look like I can’t blend. This colour would work on most skin completions and skin tones. It’s actually beautiful.

This is usually my god to shade. This and Side Piece are usually the type of shades I go to for that everyday natural highlight. It’s beautiful, it’s subtle and if you really wanted to go crazy you could mix the two.

Side Piece
The shade on it’s own is amazing. I usually use it in the corner of my eyes,on the end of my nose or on my cupids bow. It helps define the natural areas and it’s just so subtle but exactly what you need to add the extra glow in your life.

YESSSSS! This is a shade i’ve been wanting for a while. Something that would work well with my skin. it’s perfect for that bronzed highlight. The after holiday glow but not bronzed to death type shade, it’s exactly what I need. Especially after all this sun that the UK seemed to be getting at the moment!

What I truly loved about this palette is although I could wear all of the colours and not have a problem. Someone with a lighter skin tone could do the exact same. it’s adaptable, it’s portable and at £27 it’s affordable. it’s not the cheapest out there but it’s also not going to break the bank if you want to splurge on yourself.



Oscar Review: Fences – Denzel Washington


I promised that I would go through the Oscar nominations for Best Picture film by film..So here I am doing that, but trust me, to open with a film I struggle to summarise into words.

The film Fences stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis as a married couple who share the hardships of life. Fences concentrates on the relationships within this family but also the relationships people have with themselves…I think. It can boast four Oscar nominations, Best Picture, Best Screen Play, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress. I think I can agree with two of those. The coupling of Washington and Davis is an absolute stroke of genius, the chemistry between these two will have you believing that they really have been married for eighteen years and it’s fascinating to watch.
There are points in this film where I struggle to stay with it, not because I didn’t understand what was happening but because the dialogue was just a little too much. The opening first 10 minutes is a conversation between Troy (Denzel) and his best friend. You soon learn that when Troy wants to say something, he tells a story and makes his point within 5 minutes of dialogue instead of the one. It’s clever because this quickly becomes a character trait and you understand the character through this but it’s all a little tough to swallow sometimes.

I think the plot of this film really tries and it feels like it’s missing something. I understand that it’s showing the audience everyday life, everyday hardships and no matter what you stick with these characters. I don’t particularly like Troy, in fact I think he’s an absolute dick but regardless you start to care for his story, for his sons story, for Rose’s story (Viola Davis). You feel attached to the point where you just want to see how he makes it through, how the hell he’s going to figure out this situation. There is actually a point where he asks his wife to do something that no wife should EVER have to do, but she does it because she is his wife. She chooses the right thing above herself but makes it known that she is no longer his woman even if she sticks by him.

It’s a complicated story of loyalty and what people give up of themselves for other people. I found myself crying at certain points of the film because there is no doubt that the acting in this film is phenomenal and the director (also Washington) knew exactly how to convey the emotion of the characters but the 2hr 19 minute film has you running circles around yourself so you’re left exhausted (much like the characters) and feeling like something is missing (again, much like the characters).

I suppose it’s something to think about, what makes it a good or bad film. I didn’t love it, in fact i’m not sure if i liked it. It won’t be a film I’ll be reaching for every now and then, but it’s a film that made me think, and for those 2hrs and 19minutes I felt what those characters did. So I guess it did it’s job.

I’m not sure if it was best picture worthy but I do think the actors deserve their nominations. I think I need to sit on this one for a while…sit on the fence as they say (sorry) but I’ll get back to you when I can put coherent thoughts together on what I think of this film.

As of right now though? 6.5/10.