Throwback Thursday – Jumanji – Crashed Like Lightning


I found myself watching old movies the other day. I don’t know why, I was either bored or I’d had a bad day but I ended up watching Jumanji. I knew I loved the film but MY GOD isn’t it just amazing? You know when you love a film as a kid and then you watch it years later and you go “well it’s not as good as I remembered” well it was the opposite of that. Excluding Disney films, this was one of the first films that made me really love the idea of adventure. That being scared can also mean being brave. The best things come right after being the most scared. It was Jumanji and The Goonies that taught me that.

Jumanji wouldn’t be what it is without the BRILLIANT Robin Williams as Alan. He’s just perfect in that roll. If anything, rewatching it just reminds us of what a talent the world has lost, but the film itself is brilliantly done. Not only is the script funny in a dry sarcastic sort of way, but the characters aren’t really false or unrealistic like they normally are in a kids film. The characters that come out of the boardgame are almost playing on that stereotype, the over the top characters. Yes, children films are supposed to be somewhat shorter but that doesn’t mean we need to dump down the content. They’re smart. Let them talk for themselves, let them experience what those characters are feeling and explore their own world. Let them fall in love with the world and the characters the same way adults do.


I can’t even tell you how much I love this film. It’s a film both adults and children can enjoy, it can even scare both of them without talking down to the kid and being ridiculously complicated for the adult. It’s a good old fashion adventure.

We know that later this year there is going to be a reboot/Sequel to the film with Jack Black saying it will play tribute to Robin William. I don’t know how I feel about that. If i’m honest, as soon as it was announced I wanted them to just leave alone. If it aint broke don’t fix it you know? Still. I know i’ll watch it.


Have you guys seen Jumanji? If so, maybe you can help me with something. I’m curious. If you’ve watched it for the first time as an adult, what did you think? I know that I love it as a piece of film and also with 90’s nostalgia thrown in there but I want to know what people think who maybe don’t have the nostalgia attached.

Let me know what you think!