Oscar Review: Arrival -Denis Villenuve


Usually, I’m not a huge Sci-fi fan. I can enjoy it sure but it’ll never be a genre I go out of my way and get crazy excited for. That being said this film sold me the genre, what I loved about it so much was it made it human. The film sees Amy Adams play a linguistics professor try to understand an alien language so they can communicate to discover why they are on earth in the first place.

The film does something very very clever. The whole plot focuses on something that the audience can only truly truly understand once they see it again for a second time because they know they will. You will enjoy the film, some will even love it the first time, but on the second viewing you’ll understand it and appreciate it on a whole different level. it takes time and space and it makes it something completely human that those who don’t have a big interest in science fall in love with it. Giving the story a human level, and making us vulnerable to the message is a perfect way to get us to listen. Whilst we sit there in movie theatres to watch a film that we expect to be a general sci-fi or maybe even a bit mind bending, it gives us an important message. We need to work together. It’s beautifully done.
The fact that Adam’s didn’t get an oscar is one that bugged me and not because I think she should just be given it for staring in the film but because she IS the film. She carried this entire film, without Adam’s amazing performance the audience wouldn’t feel what it’s supposed to feel.

Do I love this film? Yes. Will I watch it again? Probably. Will it win the oscar? Probably not but it deserves every ounce of that nomination and to stand up there with the heavy weights. Human’s are not perfect and it’s something we should be reminded of from time to time.