Poldark Series 3 Review – Crashed Like Lightning.


Once again, I’m late to the party. I’m starting to make this a habit. I know this about myself but nevertheless I joined the party anyway. So if you had asked me maybe a year ago if I liked Poldark the answer would have been a firm no.

I tried to get into the first series, and for some reason I didn’t like it and I never looked back. Then when series two started, It unfortunately (shame on you BBC) clashed with Victoria and there was no way I was missing that one. So when series three started and they had changed the scheduling to avoid clashing with the ITV heavy weight (Smart move) and I found myself in a summer with nearly no historical drama to dig my teeth into, I accidentally fell in love with it.  No seriously. I did. Series one is now on Netflix and one evening I found myself bored so I decided to binge watch the entire thing. Long story short, it’s a week later and i’m completely caught up with season one + two and i’m watching series three in real time.


Why have I fallen in love with it? Weirdly, I think it’s because it’s about normal people. I know what you’re thinking, NORMAL? How are the aristocracy and working class normal? Well for one, there isn’t any royals…well not really. Yes it’s about class divide (is there really any difference to any other show…) but it’s technically about normal people back in the 1700’s? It’s got your different classes and it sort of shows how people tried to go about their lives for their family.

Honestly, i’m trying to convey into words why I love it when i’ve spent so long telling people I didn’t like it and I don’t really have the words. I don’t know why I love it. I just do.

Anyway, what have you guys been up to? I’ve got some plans happening for you lucky people. Stay Tuned!


Gilmore Girls, I missed you.


I’ve just finished the last episode of the Gilmore Girls revival and I’m crying. Still as I write this. The Gilmore Girls revival  made be cry (and by cry I mean sob) but it also made me laugh hysterically. I think it gave 2016 the hug it needed and injected that little bit of nostalgia we didn’t know we needed back in our lives.

There will *probably* be spoilers below so ya know…be warned. 

For anyone who watched this show growing up it was like being welcomed home. The people in the small New England town hadn’t changed too much and it almost seemed like the people who we grew to love kept on living – even if we weren’t there to witness it. It was great to see the familiar faces even of the ones we didn’t necessarily like (April, I’m looking at you).

Okay great, now that I’ve said my overall opinion which is that I loved it. I’m going to need to vent a few things. So first, can we just discuss the four last words?! This is your last warning if you don’t want things spoiled really I suggest you leave (and come back later)


Credit: Netflix.com

Rory: Mom
Lorelai: Yeah?
Rory: I’m pregnant.

THEN IT CUTS TO CREDITS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! As much as I don’t really want the baby to be fuckboy Logan’s, I think we all know it is. She can’t have continued the affair for all that time without it getting a little bit complicated. Even if she did end the affair in the last episode. I think it was very VERY clever on Amy Sherman-Palladino part to place them words there. It gives them a way of continuing this story if they wanted to but it also brings it full circle. Okay, I know that Rory isn’t 16 and she doesn’t feel like if she opens up to the family it will bring shame on the house of Gilmore but I think it was a very VERY clever way to make it current, relatable and again make us feel a little nostalgic about how this beautifully written TV show started.  Okay we good? We’ve discussed it. Right on to the next thing.

Credit: Netflix.com

LUKE AND LORELAI GOT MARRIED. FINALLY. IT HAPPENED. We may have had to wait until the final half of the “Fall” episode but they did it and boy did they do it in their own damn way. Despite having planned it for the next day they had the great idea of eloping a mere 10 hours before getting married. It was amazing, it was perfect. It was them. My heart hurts with happiness for them.


Credit: Netflix.com

Emily Gilmore, a character that although we grew to love still slightly annoyed me at times in the original. She was very needed but my teenage self didn’t see that. It was interesting to see this mother-daughter relationship from a different perspective now that the audience is older. Not only that it was nice to see nothing has changed between them whilst they work out how to be mother and daughter without father and husband. it was perfect. It was also great to see Emily find herself without Richard. They were married 50 years, which was a whole different world. Society was different and it was great to see Emily change. It was also great to see her find who Emily is without Richard. So having her move to start her own life is kind of full circle. It mirrors when Lorelai did that so many years ago to find herself.


Credit: Netflix.com

I think focusing on the three generations of Gilmore girls whilst they deal with the loss of Richard was perfect. Although I sobbed a lot because we missed him so much, much like they did. When Emily accidentally had that HUGE painting done because she measured it wrong, when Lorelai admitted she was still hurting. When she rang Emily to finally tell her something good she remembered about her dad. When Rory went to the house to write her book, kissed the portrait and sat in his office, after we were treated to a memory of him sitting in his office too. I sobbed. SOBBED. When Lorelai was grown up enough to ask for money for herself and not for Rory but was unaware that she asked in front of a small painting of her dad. Almost like he was there and gave his approval. I couldn’t control myself. Also, whilst we’re mentioning that part, the way Emily just agreed with the condition that her daughter come visit her new home regularly was perfect. They are not perfect but they are Gilmore’s and they are family.

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a revival quite as much as I did this one and I don’t think I realised how much I needed it. Even those who didn’t watch the original like my husband, enjoyed it. I know I’ll be reaching for this on days when I feel the world is a little colder and I just want a warm hug from something familiar.

” Where you lead, I will follow. Anywhere that you tell me too. If you need, need me to be with you. I will follow where you lead. “


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The Crown – VMB

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So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll be aware that Netflix has a new series out; The Crown. I also think I’ve mentioned, just once or twice, that I love a historical fiction so when it was announced that a series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh was being released I was all over it! Not only did I have to wait until November but I also had to contain myself with the pictures of Claire Foy who played Queenie and Matt Smith (Prince Phillip) were released to the press earlier in the year!

Well, it’s finally November and as you can imagine I watched all ten episodes in one day. Yup, I have no will power. From my first watch of the series (because let’s be real, I’m going to be watching this over and over until they give me a series two) all I can say is that i’m annoyed. I’m annoyed at how addictive it is, I’m annoyed that Peter Morgan somehow manages to get inside the head of a royal so easily, I’m annoyed at how Phillip can’t see how hard it is to be Queen and how poor old Queenie just wants a normal life with a husband but most of all I’m annoyed that I now have to wait a whole freaking year for the rest of the story! I’m NOT okay with that.


The history nerd in me is annoyed at some of the inaccuracies with history but  I was so surprised that they didn’t shy away from making the royals human. Something which isn’t seen very much anymore, sure we make the royals of days gone by human i.e Henry Tudor and Queen Elizabeth I but to make living monarch seem more human and depict them in a way which the media does not was a challenge and he did it perfectly. Not only did we see the character torn between men and struggle to make her own voice and decisions heard but we watched her sort of come into her own (even if it did take until the last episode).  There were a few episodes which seemed like fillers but overall I was surprised at how much I liked it and annoyed that although I didn’t love it, I can see myself waiting for any news about the next series purely because of how the last episode ended!

I won’t spoil it but the last few episodes I seem to have wanted to just get to the end, but because life doesn’t have happy ending and this is the first of six series, I was left without a resolution without the happy ending we all know they get. The audience was left feeling exactly how Elizabeth felt as the credits began to roll. Your stomach in knots and frustrated at everyone around her.

Overall, the series is brilliant and it makes the most annoying arrogant people seem so charismatic that you began to like them (Duke of Windsor,  i’m looking at you!). Peter Morgan my hat goes too you, you managed to turn someone who was arrogantly weary about this entire series fall annoyingly in love with it and I frustratedly wait for the next one. You really do begin to feel for and fall in love with the royals even more that you already did.

Your move Morgan, your move.

Oh no, I think I’ve fallen in love with Max Irons again…Sorry Mr B.


Normally, I struggle to find good TV series these days. Especially on the weekend. I usually don’t watch things as they’re on TV,  I normally end up watching them the next day on my laptop or whilst I’m in the office (on my lunch break of course!) but I’m a sucker for a good drama. Even worse, I love a good Sunday night historical fiction.

A few years ago I was obsessed with BBC‘s The White Queen, this year I enjoyed Victoria but imagine my squeal of happiness with ITV spoilt me with not only a historical fiction about Tutankhamen but it also has Max Irons in it! I hadn’t heard too much about it, only that it was going to follow the story of Howard Carter and not The Boy King himself. Something I thought was a brilliant idea because although it’s a story many of us know, it’s not one that has played out on TV millions of times. At least, not as much as King Tut’s story has right?

Now you can call me biased because I was already going to be watching just to see Max Iron’s face on my TV again (we’ll forgive that mustache…for now) but I loved it. I thought the script of it was brilliant, sure the pacing seemed slow in places but it’s the first episode, you expect that. At least I do. What I loved about it was that it treated it’s audience as smart. FINALLY! A show that doesn’t throw historical facts as you because it doesn’t expect us mere mortals to be educated in the same way as the writers. Yes, it has to give us basic facts of the reign of pharaohs but it doesn’t bore us with dates and shine gold in our faces like magpies. It treats the audience as though we’re with them from the start. And we are. We’re only one episode in and I want to know how the dynamic of having so many characters is going to work. They have a few main characters but with a few extra minor character it makes you feel that you’re right there with them on the dig site seeing so many people day in and day out. It doesn’t feel too much and when it does, I think it’s because they want us to feel like that. It’s perfect for a Sunday night when you want to forget that it’s Monday morning the next day and you won’t have time to snuggle with your duvet for as long as you want.

The show replaced last year’s Downton Abbey which surprisingly I didn’t love (please don’t kill me) but a lot of people did. It’s holding its own, especially to come straight after crowd pleaser Victoria which has already been commissioned for a second series!

I think it’ll be interesting to watch it grow. I want to obviously see more of Iron’s and of course the brilliant Sam Neil but I have a feeling that this four-part drama is either going to be amazing or it’s going to be too cliche. I understand that sometimes for TV, especially in 2016, they sometimes have to dramatise it with relationships that perhaps wasn’t there but I don’t want it to be about that. I want it to be about the adventure, the mystery and of course Howard Carter’s determination and passion for finding The Boy King.

I know one thing, I’ll be watching next Sunday at 9pm!